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solo16 Broadcast Insurance Law Global Annual Conference - Hybrid Webinar Production London

Updated: Mar 9

Hybrid Event Production London

solo16 Broadcast were invited back for the second year to broadcast the Insurance Law Global Annual Conference webinar in the city of London.

Insurance Law Global (ILG) is a multi-jurisdictional network of like-minded independent insurance defence law firms.

The seven hour event welcomed physical guests and speakers and solo16 brought in more than ten virtual keynote speakers and panellists from across the globe.

London conference live streaming

"Our event means we have to bring speakers into the conference from around the globe and the cost for this in-person would be prohibitive. solo16 make this process painless as they bring them in virtually. They technically prepare the speakers beforehand, holding their hands all the way, and ensure it all runs smoothly on the day." explains Stacey from ILG.

solo16 also created an event page to host the broadcast along with a Q&A form and the day's agenda. Due to the complexity of hybrid event production they also provided a full PA system and managed all the sound.

"Their attention to detail and high level of professionalism is why we came back again" describes ILG.

You can see an extract from the broadcast below.


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