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Large elements of your event including keynote speeches and presentations can be shared with your invited audience, just via the medium of live

streaming direct to their office of living room.

Not only does this allow you to still deliver your speakers key messages it also allows you to interact with the guests remotely and share advertisers messages. It's also greener for the planet.

An event we live streamed saved over 70 tonnes of carbon.


See examples of our work below. 

Our live video streaming team are all television broadcast professionals. We're able offer this high quality webcasts at a price that is affordable to most corporate budgets. Have a look at some of our recent projects here. 

Our end-to-end live streaming/webcasting services

provide everything you need to create a high quality online broadcast. 


Ideal uses of this service are

'We've worked with solo16 for four years for live stream events in London. They are always excellent and I am constantly impressed with the quality of the production. The thing that stands out every time is solo16's attention to detail and hard work BEFORE the event to ensure that everything goes smoothly. Every successive event gets easier and they're so responsive and easy to work with.' - Unreasonable Group

virtual events from solo16 Broadcast


web casting in central London
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Where Light Falls - St Paul’s Cathedral

Where Light Falls - St Paul’s Cathedral

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