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Live Streamed Event Saves Over 70 Tonnes Of Carbon

Last year we worked alongside virtual events company iVent to deliver an international live streamed event for UKRI (UK Research and Innovation) in Swindon, Wiltshire.

The GCRF Virtual Conference brought more than 200 business owners, government personnel and academic staff together across 47 different countries.

iVent provided a fantastic virtual location for the event with various rooms for the delegates to enter and interact/network in.

We broadcast a range of pre recorded films shot in London and Swindon with GCRF speakers along with live speakers and phone in question and answer sessions.

The 8 hour internal broadcast/event allowed UKRI to reach its global audience for a fraction of the cost.

Live streaming your event not only means less traveling it also means less down time for your staff, more productivity and less expenditure. If you have virtual delegates instead of ones who have travelled, this soon adds up to significant reductions in energy and pollution.

Delegates experience the same atmosphere, anticipation and enjoyment as the people in the room just without the carbon footprint and cost to you. Features such as chat, Q&A and polls mean they can still interact and influence the event. iVent’s integrated email capture and networking tools mean online guests needn’t miss out on the added value of being there in person and networking.

Live streaming your event will also provide benefits to you too. Not only are you more likely to engage guests who otherwise wouldn’t have been able to make it, you’re opening up your content to a potentially unlimited new global audience online. Creating live streamed content increases your exposure, grows your brand, can create more leads and ultimately it can help you to achieve the event objectives you aimed for in the first place.

We and iVent have found that more and more people are expecting companies to have an awareness of their environmental impact. Showing that you’re taking this into consideration by allowing guests the choice to engage meaningfully without impacting on the environment is a must.

Live streaming will never replace the need for face to face events but it’s an affordable step towards a bigger picture that can help reduce the environmental impact of your event without compromising on the vital elements that make live events so effective.

Discover more about our live broadcasting services at

iVent is one of the UK’s leading virtual event suppliers. Find out more at


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