From a simple presentation to a full multi-camera TV production we broadcast it all.  

Don't limit your audience.

Stand out from the crowd and live video stream your event or talk to the world. 

Our webcasting solutions enable you to broadcast your conferences, presentations, meetings and trade show live or on-demand

to audiences of any size to anywhere in the world. 


Web broadcasting and streaming live video offers compelling and cost-effective ways to reach online audiences. 

Our live video streaming team and consultants are all television broadcast professionals. We're able offer this high quality webcasts at a price that is affordable to most corporate budgets. Have a look at some of our recent projects here. 

Our end-to-end live streaming/webcasting services provide everything you need to create a high quality online broadcast. 

Ideal uses of this service are

  • Product launches

  • Council meetings

  • Public or private events

  • Concerts or stage shows

  • Talk & lectures

  • Meetings

'Live content is watched 3 times longer and receives ten times the amount of comments than regular Facebook videos' 
 Mark Zuckerburg - Facebook Founder

'We've worked with solo16 for four years in London. They are always excellent and I am constantly impressed with the quality of the production. The thing that stands out every time is solo16's attention to detail and hard work BEFORE the event to ensure that everything goes smoothly. Every successive event gets easier and they're so responsive and easy to work with.' - Unreasonable Group

web casting in central London



save money

Save on accommodation, airfares and travel expenses, Co2 emission, and downtime away from work.

stream it live

Fully scalable internet video streaming media hosting allowing you to webcast events of all sizes to a global audience.

on demand

Hosting and delivering your media content with on demand streaming services to anyone, anywhere, any time.

keep a record

Have a complete record of the event for future

editing/reference/promotion and marketing opportunities. 

Broadcasting to a big screen or live streaming to the web can be a complicated and technical procedure but our live streaming team have it covered. Everything we produce is bespoke and very flexible. If you're interested in live web broadcasting and are ready to get a quote please contact us.  

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