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Live Streaming Provider - Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Vimeo & Periscope.

solo16 provide affordable live streaming services in the South of England and across the UK.

We use high-end TV broadcast equipment and cameras and our camera crews all have TV credits to their name. You will not find any Digital SLR cameras or domestic grade equipment being used on our livestreams or inexperienced crew who are new to this process and may or may not get it right for you.

Our streaming services can be as simple as a live single camera through to a complete Outside Broadcast using an Outside Broadcast Van and a dedicated satellite connection if needed.

We only use bonded web encoders meaning your broadcast has the best chance of success in areas or venues were the internet connection is challenging.

We also utilise affordable satellite connectivity if there is no 4G available, we have every angle covered.

We stream a range of live events from public light switch-ons to lectures on museum curation.

See some examples here. We regularly stream to Facebook Live, YouTube, Vimeo and Twitter via Periscope.

Talking to us costs nothing so do give us a call to discuss how we could enhance your live event?


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