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Live Streaming Consultants - StreamWorks

Updated: May 28, 2020

StreamWorks, from solo16 is a well respected live stream broadcaster but many do not realise that we also offer live streaming consultancy to venues who wish to have live streaming equipment permanently installed.

Our advisers work with your AV team to understand your filming needs and then select the best equipment to suit you. Unlike others we do not install a one size fits all system and we ensure that the workflow is simple and easy for ALL your team to use.

Previously we have trained a church team in Hackney on how to use their new streaming and multi-camera equipment and most recently we worked with Chesil House in Winchester on improving & simplifying their very complex multi-camera system.

StreamWorks provided a new range of live streaming equipment and set up a streaming page on our website for them as their website is currently being built.

"We have been working with StreamWorks for a number of years and have always found them great to work with. They are very experienced within the broadcast industry, offering a wide range of services and have a keen eye for detail, which is backed up by their extensive technical knowledge. We would not hesitate to recommend StreamWorks for any projects in the future." - Visually Connected

If you need help to design a fixed live streaming solution for your venue please do give us a call.


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