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How Live Streaming Impacts On Your Digital Marketing

Live streaming has evolved from a trendy phenomenon into a full-blown marketing strategy used by brands and businesses in nearly every industry. Rather than telling us about company updates and initiatives, brands are showing us. The rise of live streaming among social media’s most popular platforms has helped the brands connect with audiences, old and new, and engage in new ways.

Nearly 80 percent of viewers are already watching Facebook Live videos. And 82 percent of polled viewers say they prefer seeing a live feed rather than a brand’s social posts. With the chance to connect with Facebook’s two billion users, it’s an opportunity you don’t want to miss out on.

But it’s not only Facebook who is benefiting from the use of live streaming media. Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube also continue to grow audiences and engagement through their live videos covering everything from live Q&A sessions to how-to product demos.

Additionally, with this marketing strategy, you don’t have to depend on big budgets or endless production hours. Some of the most successful livestream videos were created by people who simply wanted to share their experience with the world. Case in point: “Chewbacca Mom” drew an audience of 162 million viewers who couldn’t help but laugh along with her as she delighted in her retail store mask.

Live streaming brings a new element to digital marketing by giving consumers an authentic look into the behind-the-scenes magic that creates immediate interest about a brand. Making a connection is where the success of marketing lies, so understanding how to use live streaming to broadcast your company’s best self is important.

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