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How Does Using a Teleprompter Help Deliver A Great Video?

How Does Using a Teleprompter Help Deliver A Great Video?

So how does using a teleprompter help deliver a great video?

A teleprompter, often referred to as an Autocue®, is a fantastic tool for delivering a great video and at solo16 we have them fitted to all our studio cameras.

Let's explore the advantages of using them.

Script Assistance

They allow the speaker to have the script displayed in front of them, ensuring they cover all necessary points without missing anything important. This helps in maintaining a coherent flow of information.

Eye Contact

Instead of looking down at notes or a script, the speaker can maintain eye contact with the camera or audience, creating a more engaging and natural connection. If speaking to a remote participant as part of a live event the speaker can look directly at the participant on the screen.

Pacing and Timing

Teleprompters are be adjusted for speed, helping the speaker control the pace of delivery. This ensures that the information is conveyed clearly and at the right speed for the audience to understand. One of our team controls the speed of the words in our gallery according to each presenters needs.

How a Teleprompter works - solo16 Broadcast
How a teleprompter works

Reduced Errors and Retakes

By using a teleprompter, the chances of making mistakes or forgetting lines are minimised, leading to fewer retakes and a smoother recording process. They also allow your presenter to stay on message keeping your marcomms team happy!!


It provides a professional appearance to the video, as the speaker(s) appears confident, well-prepared, and knowledgeable about the subject matter.


Using a teleprompter can save time during the filming process as the speaker doesn't need to memorise lines extensively or rely on cue cards, allowing for more efficient video production.

Our team seamlessly switch the source video that is fed to the teleprompter from Powerpoint slides to script to videos.

Two teleprompters fitted in the solo16 Broadcast studio
Two teleprompters fitted in the solo16 Broadcast studio

A teleprompter can significantly aid in delivering a polished, well-structured, and engaging video presentation or live broadcast.

Contact us today to discuss how our video studio and teleprompters can help with your event.


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