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Video Bonding Explained - Reliable Video Broadcasting from solo16.

Broadband unreliability is one of the most common issues we encounter when live streaming for clients using host venue's internet connection.

We're always promised super fast speeds by venues hosting our clients events but often these speeds drop dramatically during the broadcast meaning the picture quality drops, or in some cases, it drops so low we fall off air.

To combat these issues we have invested thousands in bonded encoders incorporating adaptive bitrate to broadcast the video. This means we use the venues provided connection if available and supplement this with cellular data or in some cases a satellite connection.

bonded Live streaming solo16

So what is bonded video?

In it's most basic form video bonding connects normally a minimum of two cellular 4G modems with Wi-Fi and LAN and bonds them together to create a single fat connection to send the video and sound. This means that if the host LAN connection drops low or completely dies there are at least two other connections to switch to meaning your broadcast stays online.

Does this only work if there is a strong 4G connection?

Our system uses predictive cellular bonding algorithms which anticipate the behaviour of data networks, send redundant data, and retrieve lost packets, providing the most consistent, reliable, and stable picture over time. This technology is unique to the video encoders we use. You need some 3G/4G connection for the encoder to consider it as a valued connection but it does not have to be super-fast 4G.

What is adaptive bitrate?

It works by detecting a user's bandwidth in real time and adjusts the picture and sound quality of the video stream accordingly. So if you go from a super fast connection to little more than 3G the picture still stays visible but the quality will drop right down and pixellate.

Can you go live from anywhere then?

We can go live from anywhere that has a good 4G signal. Our offering is completely portable and attaches to the back of a camera so we could do a live walk around a city or trade show for example.

Do most companies offer bonding?

They may offer it but not as standard. We do not charge anymore for our bonding encoders, we just charge you for the data used. If you are shopping around for a live streaming supplier we would suggest you ask them for a bonding encoder as standard...


High quality and reliable streams are essential to the viewers’ experience but erratic networks and unpredictable Internet bandwidth can be a fear of the past with solo16's reliable encoding system.

Call us today to discuss your project and how our webcasting services can benefit your event.


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