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Digital Events: Are they right for my company?

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced changes to businesses of all sizes. Companies have had to look at new ways to stay connected with their customers.

Company events have been really badly affected and marketing and event professionals have had to make very tough calls on whether they cancel the event or try something new.

Throughout 2020 some of the worlds biggest events were cancelled like the Mobile World Congress, Google I/O, Summer Olympics and the Cannes Film Festival.

Global IT companies like Apple, Microsoft, Intel and Facebook quickly adapted and created virtual events in order to reach their customers and deliver key messages including new product launches.

When planned and delivered by companies like ours digital events can bridge this gap beautifully and in many cases are greener, cheaper and of course safer.

So how do you plan and delivery a digital event? Here are our suggestions.


One of the most important things when planning your digital event is making it feel like your previous physical events. Add personal touches and a slick graphical look and feel. Try and add features to the event that are similar to previous physical ones so your audience feel at home.


Remember people don’t always view digital events from the office. In fact more and more people are now working from home. This new way of working brings with it a lot more distractions to the viewer.

People have children in the mix and often other partners working from home. Their attention span and focus may not be the same as when they're sat in a conference hall.

We've also got used to multi-tasking more at home and having to stop to take zoom calls. Your challenge is to ensure your digital event is both focussed and interesting and allows some space and time for them to undertake other tasks.

We would suggest lots of user interaction, polls, competitions or giveaways to keep them engaged and watching. Don’t make each talk too long.

Your viewer may also well want to watch the digital event after the live version has finished so ensure the

on-demand version is available quickly.


The new way of working means people don’t have six to eight hours to devote to your event all in one sitting.

Why not break the event up over a few platforms to allow people to dip in and out in a more flexible way?

People are likely to digest much more content if it’s available in bite-sized chunks rather than a two hour broadcast.

Maybe host a Zoom Q&A during the event AND after the event. To allow on-demand viewers the chance to get involved after the original event.

Make it easy for them…


Digital events don’t have to be as full on as physical events, you can achieve a lot with remote callers dialling in and less cameras.

If it’s your first digital event start small and keep things simple. Remember people are used to Zoom events these days so anything will be better than them!!

Successful businesses are ones who are able and willing to pivot and change quickly and embrace new innovation - technology.

It’s more important now than ever that we adapt and develop our skills to keep delivering key messages to our clients.

Our digital events are creative, slick and reliable. Our events are safer, greener and cheaper than physical events…

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you.


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