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Mobile World Conference Cancelled - Live Streaming Is The Future

After a mass exodus of exhibitors like Facebook and Amazon the world's biggest wireless event has been scrapped after the coronavirus outbreak.

It’s the first time in the events 33 year history that the event has been called off. The show draws more than 100,000 participants from across the world to check out the latest innovations and pitch to investors.

BUT there is another solution. One that is cheaper, greener and most of all safer.

Live streaming is environmentally friendly, 100% safe in terms of spreading illness and viruses and can also save many thousands of pounds compared to organising a physical event.

Our recent blog showed we not only saved UK Research and Innovation thousands on the event but also saved a huge 70 tonnes of carbon pollution.

Live streaming solutions can range from just a single mobile camera to a multi-camera production.

Paired with a complete virtual event partner like iVent, there really is no reason to catch anything anymore during an event!

Contact us today to discuss all the options.


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