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BCS Apprenticeship Forum - Studio Live Webinar

Updated: Mar 9

Event filming and live streaming Wiltshire and Oxfordshire

Yesterday we broadcast a two hour webinar event for BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT in our Oxfordshire studio, located near Swindon.

BCS is a Swindon based professional body and a learned society that represents those working in IT, computing, software engineering and computer science, both in the United Kingdom and internationally.

The live studio broadcast was targeted at training providers who work with apprentices. Remote speakers connected into the event and it was presented by two BCS Directors.

TV gallery Swindon

Our studio and broadcast gallery provided three cameras, teleprompters, talkback, a cameraman, director and other personnel. We also welcomed a local student studying media into the gallery who helped with the broadcast.

We created a bespoke web page for the webinar on our un-branded platform that allowed the viewer to ask questions and reply to polls making the event fully interactive.

live studio broadcast wiltshire

Previously BCS had broadcast these webinar's using standard platforms like Zoom and Teams. They were very pleased with the outcome of the more professional broadcast and hope to work with us again.

A Real Step Up In Quality

"We use StreamWorks to deliver regular webinar updates to external stakeholders. Where previously these had been clunky and delivered over Zoom, they are now professionally broadcast and with some slick production in the background keeping things ticking over. We receive plenty of good feedback on the changes made and look forward to working with StreamWorks on our future projects." - BCS

You can see some highlights of the broadcast showing some of the functionality below.

If you would like to discuss broadcasting your webinar, conference, product launch or event please do get in touch.


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