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5 Video Production Mistakes That Damage Video Marketing Campaigns.

Marketing videos are an engaging way to attract your target audience’s attention and form a core part of any successful marketing campaign. Marketing videos can be used to deliver a large quantity of content interactively making them an excellent tool for brand promotion.

However, there are mistakes that can be made by you and also an inexperienced video production company. The following 5 video marketing mistakes are to be avoided at all costs.

Mistake 1: No Planning

Creating video content without planning out the details, such as the target audience, message, and content type nearly always leads to disaster since there is no solid objective of the video itself. When developing a video production, you should plan out the details before creating the content itself because it allows for a higher quality and detailed video production. Keep in mind the type of audience you are targeting, what content will be displayed.

Mistake 2: Failing to Promote The Brand

The main purpose of marketing is to promote your brand, content and services. In the heat of trying to produce a quality video, factors such as brand logo, website URL optimisation and promotion within the content is often neglected. Make sure the video serves its marketing purpose and the audience is familiar with your brand name, what you offer, contact details and anything else that you wish to convey. Normal we would suggest adding a watermark to the video and adding all the contact details at the end of the film.

Mistake 3: Not Watching the Time Limit

The reason why videos are more highly viewed, compared to text content, is because they contain a large quantity of information thats easy to understand and viewable by the audience. By failing to stick within a time limit, you will lose their interest, as they will see your video as being either too long or not delivering the content they require. Introduce your customers to the main goal of the video itself quickly as most viewers don’t view the entire video.

Mistake 4: Too Much Content

Videos make great marketing content because they can promote a message effectively to an audience without altering its true meaning. However, if there is too much content within a single video, you will fail to highlight the original intent of the video and the audience will not be able to follow what you are delivering. Choose a primary objective for your video and build around it while promoting it because short videos are most effective and keeping a single theme helps the audience follow your content. We can always make more than one video for you relating to other products, services and topics.

Mistake 5: Not Knowing Your Audience

Creating videos without research into the preferences of your target audience leads to a video marketing campaign that fails to attract attention to the niche audience you are covering and targeting. In order to create effective videos that lead to engagement you must present the video content in a creative and fun way whilst also optimising the video to suit the audience so that you can draw out your desired reaction from them. Targeting a large variety of people in one video makes it hard to appeal to – and target – a specific type of person, which then can lead to losing the interest of everyone. It is best to first research the habits of the target audience you want to reach with your video so you can successfully create, produce, and deliver your video marketing campaign across various marketing and social media channels.

Marketing videos serve as an excellent medium to bridge gap between your brand and audience, but incorrectly executing video production and distribution will result in failure of the marketing campaign. Stick with these 5 points of what not to do when developing video content to suit your brand and attract the attention towards your target niche and you will be more successful with video marketing.

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