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For broadcast and events

Temporary Event Broadband

Superfast internet connections for TV broadcast, events, data send and live streaming.

We supply a fully managed internet connection which can be used where there is no reliable wired connection and or little 3G / 4G signal.

For TV broadcast we bond together our superfast satellite connection with any available 3G / 4G to provide a robust and reliable output.  

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  • Deployable in under 4 minutes. 

  • Mains powered or via our inverter for up to 10 hours. 

  • WIFI for you and your team. 

  • Unlimited data. No cost per minute. 

  • Download speeds around 100MB. 

  • Upload speeds typically between 10 - 35MB.

  • 600ft WIFI range.


10 - 30 Mbps.


60 - 130 Mbps.

This service will require 120 degree line of site to the sky and must be within a 50m cable distance to where you need the connection.



This is an ideal solution to use where a 4G connection is not reliable enough on its own.  

Upload speeds can vary slightly so we would advise to use the dish as part of a WMT or LiveU bonded broadcast.


4G connections, even if not useable on their own, will iron out any data yo yo affects. 

Increasing the delay slightly from gallery to OB is also advised. 

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