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solo16 Launch New TV Studio in Shrivenham

Updated: 4 days ago

video tv studio Swindon

The recent pandemic has changed how we all look at staging events and the way we deliver live streamed content has changed dramatically. We have now built a small studio at our head office at Shrivenham, near Swindon.

The space is small but perfectly formed and comes with with a video director / vision mix operator and camera operators if needed. If recording in a studio is a new experience for you or your clients we will hold your hand and explain everything clearly. Our director has over two decades of working in television & corporate video.

We comfortably capture seated or standing content for up to two people including head to toe.

It's an ideal space for recording product reviews, interviews, virtual events and pieces to camera. Our green screen also allows you to shoot on a photorealistic virtual set.

Inside the studio you will find;

  • Multiple cameras and lighting.

  • Teleprompter for your script - Read while looking right down the camera lens.

  • 50 inch TV - See whats being recorded.

  • In-ear monitor to our director next door.

  • 2 x lapel microphones.

​If you would like a tour of the space, physically or virtually, please do get in touch. You can view more about the studio here.


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