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solo16 Launch Event TV

Updated: May 11

Event TV From solo16

Live streaming has become an indispensable way to communicate during the Coronavirus Pandemic. Wiltshire based company solo16 has been live streaming small and large scale events for the past 4 years.

The company delivered the first ever Facebook live broadcast for Microsoft UK and is at the cutting edge of the technology. Clients benefit and stay ahead of their competition.

Event TV is solo16’s latest service. This provides scaleable solutions to broadcast full coverage of an event to both the venues' TV screens and across the web, allowing event organisers to reach a global audience.

“We bring TV Presenters and crew to your event, set up a studio area and provide roving cameras. This creates a real buzz, which we share with a global audience” explains Tom Sykes, the company’s Director.

solo16’s team are made up of television broadcast professionals from camera operators to vision mixers and presenters.

“Our team regularly also work in terrestrial broadcast television, so the quality and approach we bring to your event is no different from how we would broadcast breakfast television. Unlike terrestrial TV we have no broadcast regulations, time restrictions or advert breaks, so we can include as many user questions and advertiser promotions as the event host would like.”

There are many sponsorship opportunities within Event TV broadcasts, allowing key advertisers the chance to reach a wider audience than just those who are physically present.

Online viewers become a part of the event and can ask questions to the experts, speakers or stand holders, via the talented presenting team, and receive almost instant answers.

Event TV broadcast across all social media platforms allows the client to reach their followers and gain an even wider audience.

“As well as broadcasting live we’re also capturing many hours of video for post-event editing. All the interviews can be edited and made available to the speakers, advertisers or stand-holders, allowing them to also share with their followers. This opens up the event to a much wider audience” explains Tom Sykes.

solo16 have provided live streaming broadcasting to many large organisations, including the NHS, United Nations, Oxfam, BBC, Historic England and Help For Heroes. Their enthusiastic response has allowed solo16 to broaden live streaming services.

Find out more about Event TV at


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