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solo16 Delivers Live Stream for UK Research & Innovation Conference

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Yesterday we delivered the third live stream for UK Research and Innovation at the Oasis Centre in Swindon.

The client selected the Oasis Leisure Centre as it was the largest venue in Swindon to host the 1,000 staff who attended but as a global organisation they needed to reach a much wider internal audience so live streaming was the only way to achieve this.

Live streaming provider Wiltshire

The venue was unable to provide a reliable broadband connection for our stream and the 4G in that area was not sufficient so we brought in the Outside Broadcast Van and using KA Satellite connectivity we provided a reliable stream for the 3 hour event.

Our three cameras covered the event and we provided a feed to the big screens in the room as well as the YouTube stream.

If you would like to discuss filming your event or live streaming it please do get in touch.


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