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Live At Highgrove For The King's Birthday

Updated: Dec 23, 2023

LiveU crew Gloucestershire

Today we deployed a news crew to the Highgrove estate for BBC Breakfast.

The BBC had requested a 'down the line' interview with celebrity chef Raymond Blanc and former Marie Curie nurse Ann Brady.

Our crew set up in the Orchard room and broadcast via one of our LiveU units.

The interview was a precursor to an event later in the afternoon that saw Community champions joining King Charles III in celebrating his 75th birthday.

Guests included community stalwarts nominated by friends and family who are also turning 75 this year, to representatives from organisations marking the same milestone. He was presented with a three-tier cake.

You can see the broadcast below. Read more about the event here.

If you're looking for a Gloucestershire camera crew to pre-record or live broadcast your event please do get in touch.


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