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Live Across The UK With Timmy Mallett

TV Cameraman with LiveU in Berkshire

Today we supplied a Cameraman with LiveU to ITV News for down-the-line live broadcasts with TV legend Timmy Mallett.

Seven ITV regional news programmes interviewed Timmy one-by-one live in his amazing art den. These were all broadcast in their bulletins this evening.

It was a tiny shed and so colourful. Thankfully our ultra wide angle lens managed to make it look bigger than it is.

Timmy was talking about his epic cycle ride around the whole of the UK.

Timmy Mallett Cycles around the UK

He explored our beautiful coastline by bike and painted the adventure as he went. Ordnance Survey provided a great range of maps to help with planning and choosing good cycle routes.

Timmy set off from Paddington Station down the Thames and headed clockwise around the coast keeping the sea on his left. 4,500 miles later and pedalling for over 4 and half months he found himself back where he'd started.

See the map and Timmy's videos and paintings here.

You can watch ITV Anglia's bulletin featuring Timmy below.

If you're looking to broadcast on TV or the web then speak to our team today.


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