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How To Keep Zoom Meetings Safe

Zoom is a teleconferencing platform used widely by businesses users and the general public.

Since the global Coronavirus Pandemic the platform has seen real growth but zoom has had some major security stumbles.

There are some fairly deep claims on what Zoom does with your data behind the scenes, you can read more about that here. We are looking at surface issues that you can implement to reduce the risk.

A lot of people will use the iOS or android app but in order to change the key privacy settings you will need to change need to be accessed within the web browser. Visit

As a live streaming company we have used Zoom with our business clients and plan to use it more but we have looked into how we can make it more secure and can share this below.

Firstly let’s look at Passwords.

Make sure your zoom meetings are password protected. Check that ‘Require a password when scheduling new meetings’ is turned on. When you set up a meeting only share the password with the people you invite to join you.

Latest Update

Zoom is constantly addressing any security issues so make sure your version of the app is the latest version. This will mean you have the latest safety patches.

Private meetings 

Never promote your meetings online or on social media sites. In the same way you wouldn’t announce a house party in public. Send the meeting invites directly to participants via email or a secure site like WhatsApp.

When there have been instances of people crashing into meetings and they have been booted out in some cases they have just rejoined so make sure the ‘Allow removed participants to rejoin’ option is set to off.

Zoom Screen Share

If you don’t need the participants to share their screen then turn this off or set it to ‘Host only’. You can adjust that for the meeting if necessary.

Waiting Room function

Zoom has a Waiting Room function. Ensure this is turned on as this will mean you can see who wants to join and vet them before allowing them into the chat. If anyone does hack or stumble into your meeting this will stop them coming straight in.

Screen Recording

The host can record the audio and video from zoom meetings in full, as well as keep a record of public chats. You can also save a chat log yourself which will include the private chat you've been a party of. Be very careful about sharing file with anyone else.


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