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Facebook Live - September 2019 Updates - Three new features and how they work?

Yesterday Facebook announced several new live streaming features.

These features have been highly requested by users including us but they are only available to pages, and not individual users. So what are the changes and how will they benefit us?


A new feature enables broadcasters to trim the beginning and end of live videos. We often start a live stream before the event begins and this waiting time can make the first few seconds of recorded videos less engaging for viewers. Broadcasters can now specify exactly when they want the broadcast to begin or end.


Facebook Live videos can now be broadcast privately to page administrators and editors. This function allows for a rehearsal and means various elements including graphics etc and interactive features can be tested prior to public view. This function can only be accessed via the Facebook Live API.


If broadcasting via API rather than RTMP Facebook has now extended the maximum broadcast duration to eight hours from the previous four hours.

We have broadcast a few events where the 4 hour window has been restrictive for our clients so this is improvement is welcomed.

Most live streaming companies like us stream via direct RTMP rather than using the Facebook API so whilst these changes are welcome it does mean we will have to change the way we do things.

solo16 provide a broad range of event filming and live streaming services across the UK. To discuss live streaming your project please contact us.


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