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Chilli Eating Competition LIVE

Last weekend we had the pleasure of streaming the Chilli Eating Competition in Swindon.

inswindon BID Company approached us to live stream the event they were hosting. The Chilli Fiesta event is very popular and combines stands selling Chilli related produce with live music and the famous 'Clash of Titans' Chilli Eating Competition. In previous years the client had attempted to live stream the competition from a mobile phone but due to saturated 4G connectivity at the very popular event this has always failed.

We supplied three cameras and two Camera Operators plus a Vision Mixer/Director and our Outside Broadcast Van. We used a dedicated online connection via KA sat to overcome and cellular issues. We broadcast to their Facebook page all the music acts as well as the competition which can be seen above.

The event was a great success and the live broadcast had many viewers with many more post event. It also allowed inSwindon to showcase the additional level of footfall that the event generated into the Town Centre.

Call or email us today to discuss live streaming your event.


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