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Making Things Clearer For Aegina

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

Swindon based company PRP Optoelectronics Ltd have designed a unique product called Aegina and called us in to help them showcase its internal workings to potential buyers.

Aegina delivers pure water that is 99.9999% clean, eliminating germs, bugs and pathogens using the latest UVC technology.  Aegina is the most robust, powerful UV water purification unit on the market. 

The challenge was to create an animated film that would quickly showcase how Aegina works to potential buyers.

Our creative team met with them and storyboarded the sequence before our Motion Graphics Designer created the video. 

You can read more on the project and watch the finished video here.

"We found solo16 to be very professional and efficient in the service which they offered us. Their experience clearly shone through giving us much needed guidance, ideas and solutions to bring our video to life, even last-minute changes were not a problem. They delivered very high quality results within a tight deadline. We look forward to working with them again on future projects and would highly or recommend them." - PRP Optoelectronics Ltd


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