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solo16 Broadcast Collaborate With Prospect Hospice To Help Boost Staff Recruitment

Video Production company Swindon

Recruiting and retaining healthcare professionals in hospices is a continuous challenge, especially in smaller towns like Swindon. Prospect Hospice in Swindon faced this issue head-on and took a unique approach by partnering with solo16 Broadcast, a leading video production company in Swindon. The collaboration resulted in the production of compelling staff testimonial videos that effectively conveyed the hospice's work culture, thus helping them attract and recruit more staff.

Prospect Hospice, a Swindon-based hospice, has been providing essential end-of-life care for patients in the region for over 40 years. However, like many healthcare facilities, they were struggling to attract and retain staff. To address this issue, they decided to leverage the power of video production to tell their staff's stories and showcase the hospice's supportive and nurturing environment.

Recognising the potential of video in capturing the essence of Prospect Hospice's unique work culture, they turned to solo16 Broadcast, who they have been working for many years, to create an engaging staff testimonial video. By interviewing 15 of their current staff members, solo16 captured the passion and dedication that drives the hospice's mission.

The Video Production Process

The project began with solo16's team collaborating closely with Prospect Hospice to understand their goals, values, and the specific aspects they wanted to highlight. They meticulously planned the video shoot to ensure that the interviews were natural and unscripted, giving an authentic glimpse into life at the hospice.

The interviews were conducted with staff members from various departments, including nurses, administrators, and support staff. These individuals shared their personal experiences, motivations, and what it meant to be part of the Prospect Hospice family.

The Impact

The resulting staff testimonial video created by solo16 Broadcast will hopefully have a profound impact on potential job applicants. The video showcased the hospice's compassionate and supportive work environment, dispelling any misconceptions about working in end-of-life care.

Prospect Hospice will utilise the video on their website, social media platforms, and in recruitment campaigns, effectively drawing attention to their job opportunities and encouraging individuals to join their dedicated team.

The Collaborative Success

The collaboration between Prospect Hospice and solo16 Broadcast has been a prime example of how video production can be a game-changer in staff recruitment. By sharing the stories of their current employees, Prospect Hospice effectively conveyed its culture, values, and the significance of its work in Swindon.

The compelling and emotionally resonant video produced by solo16 Broadcast facilitated Prospect Hospice's quest for staff recruitment. They not only attracted potential candidates but also created a sense of unity among the existing team members.

You can see the film below.


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