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All Hands Needed For Outdoor Theatre - Event Filming from solo16 Broadcast

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

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Last weekend we filmed an outdoor stage production at Burnham-on-Sea in Somerset.

"All Hands!” was a new theatre production inspired by The Nornen, a 19th century shipwreck which lies on Berrow Beach.

We filmed the production using three cameras with two being operated on a raised stage.

The production featured integrated British Sign Language, visual storytelling and live music. Read more about the show here.

The show told the story of the Norwegian sailing vessel The Nornen, which got caught in the lee of the Lundy Roads as a howling south westerly gale swept up the Bristol Channel in 1897. When 10 men and a dog are caught in the eye of the storm, the show explored how the community saved the day.

It was produced by local resident Corrinne Curtis, and performed at Marine Cove Gardens in Burnham.

"We approached solo16 with a very tight turnaround and a small budget for a recording of a live theatre production and they absolutely delivered. They were really on it from start to finish, even with the various challenges that we threw at them. They worked to find solutions and were incredibly positive, understanding and flexible. Well recommended." - Nornen Project

You can see an extract of the show below.

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