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We've just delivered another series of social media films for a multinational food brand.

Working with a global PR firm we were invited to shoot, edit and photograph a scrummy instagram food series for a multinational food company. The recipes were designed by TV Chef Phil Vickery.

This is the second time we have worked with the company. Our previous project was live streamed.

We spent two days prepping and filming at the clients fantastic new kitchen in Liverpool, being mindful of social distancing we rigged the kitchen for filming.

We used a small overhead camera to capture top down shots and a full sized camera to film the chef preparing each dish. We spent a full day filming the four dishes.

Take a look behind the scenes.

Our Photographer worked simultaneously with a Food Stylist on a small constructed set ensuring each dish was captured to the highest standard.

We filmed everything in 16:9 widescreen but the client also wanted instagram versions so we had to be mindful of this when cropping and framing the shots.

Post Production was turned around quickly with both widescreen and insta cubed versions supplied.

You can see the results here.


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