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Choose Your Video Production Company Wisely - DSLR Audio Warning

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

Choose Your Camera Wiseley - DSLR Audio Warning

We were recently contacted by a client who wanted us to edit some footage shot by another video production company.

Nothing wrong with that you might think and it's a task we often perform but when we downloaded the material we found that it was filmed on two digital SLR cameras and the audio had been recorded separately. This has become a common practise for small video production companies and in itself is not an issue if done correctly and if the client is informed of the potential increased post production cost.

When audio is recorded separately it has to be re-synced with the pictures in editing. If a clapper-board is used or an audio sync point at the start of each recorded clip this makes it easier for the Editor but recording audio separately will increase the time taken in post production and the cost you pay.

At solo16 we record on full size broadcast cameras where the audio stays embedded with the pictures meaning the audio is in-sync and stays in sync. This means we can edit the footage straight away without any additional syncing of audio and the editing time is much quicker.

In the case of the client who contacted us, the fact that it was recorded in this way meant we had to do an additional 2 days post production work at a cost of around £700 exc vat.

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