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Pernicious Anaemia Society Conference - Live Streaming Cardiff


The Pernicious Anaemia Society approached us for a second time as they wanted to record and live stream their 2019 Conference in Cardiff. They requested multiple cameras, a live vision mix, an Interviewer and PSC cameraman. 


We used multiple cameras and live mixed and streamed all the talks and then uploaded them to the client's account the next day.

We also provided an Interviewer and another Cameraman to capture the delegates and speakers thoughts during the event. 

We bonded our live stream using both the hotels connection and our 4G providing the most reliable option for our client. 

The footage is now Pay Per View (PPV) but the example above is part of our recorded content. 


'Thank you for all the help and advice your team gave during the run-up to, and during our latest conference. The event wouldn’t have been the success that it was without your contributions and we will definitely be using solo16 in the future' - Pernicious Anaemia Society

Cardiff Live streaming.jpeg
Cardiff Event Filming.jpeg
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