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Ella Mesma @ Pavilion Dance South West


Faced with having to cancel many of their performances due to the Covid19 pandemic Pavilion Dance South West contacted us for help.

The digital team wanted to create an online performance that would put the viewer at the heart of the performance. 

The social distanced event would be captured at the Pavilion Dance South West theatre in Bournemouth, Dorset

They wanted the performance to be streamed on the same day it was recorded. 

live streaming company Dorset

We sent along a Cameraman and filmed each section of the performance from a few angles. 

The footage was then rushed back and our Editor cut the takes together to create one performance. This was topped and tailed with an introduction and Q&A.

Our streaming team at StreamWorks then live streamed the event on the same day to the loyal followers of PDSW via our streaming platform. 


The client was really pleased with the filming and how the live stream was received by their patrons. 

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