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Premium Stock Footage Just Got Affordable - Welcome to FilmHERO

Like most video production companies we use stock footage in our edits but finding high quality, affordable, royalty free footage is always the challenge, well it was until we discovered FilmHERO!

FilmHERO is the world’s most affordable 4K stock footage service. Film HERO offers both subscription services (Only 6 month commitment) or single pack purchasing options (Just £75 per pack). The subscription services provide unlimited access to more than 12,000 cinema-quality 4K clips.

The 4K clips have all been shot on RED Digital Cinema cameras and the quality is truly amazing. FilmHERO will be adding hundreds of new clips per week, at no additional cost to subscribers.

FilmHERO is already a leading player in the stock footage industry with a proven track record on other large sites and they know what the demands on filmmakers are and how to meet their needs.

A six month subscription is just over £150, that’s game changing when you think the average 4K clip is well over £60 with some as much as £120. The average edit that uses stock footage will probably buy at least three clips so in one edit alone you have paid for six months unlimited content.

We can personally vouch for the team behind FilmHERO having worked alongside them for two decades. David Baumber and Helen Fields are consummate professionals with a real eye for creating realistic dynamic stock footage ideal for all projects.

To celebrate the launch of this game changing platform they have provided us with a special discount code for you to enjoy their service. Enter SOLO16 when you sign up to get a 20% discount.



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