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Hustings Event Filming & Broadcast From solo16 - July 4th General Election

Updated: May 25

July 4th General election - Hustings webcast company

Hustings Filming & webcast - July 4th General Election. Your Filming and Live Streaming Partner

With the general election on 4th July 2024, the spotlight is on hustings events as vital platforms for political discourse and voter engagement. Ensuring these gatherings are not only captured but elevated to their full potential requires the expertise of a trusted partner. Enter solo16 Broadcast, your first choice provider of filming, live streaming, and event production services in the UK.

Unrivalled Expertise in Event Production

solo16 Broadcast has over three decades of experience offering a comprehensive suite of services, including staging, lighting, sound, and set design. Their meticulous attention to detail ensures that every aspect of your hustings event is carefully curated to enhance the experience for both attendees and viewers.

General Election - 4th July - Hustings event filming and live streaming supplier

Multi-Camera Services: Bringing Every Angle to Life

A hallmark of solo16 Broadcast's offerings is their multi-camera setup. By strategically positioning cameras throughout the venue, they capture every moment from various perspectives, providing a dynamic and immersive viewing experience. From close-ups of speakers to reactions from the audience, their multi-camera approach ensures that every aspect of your event is captured with clarity and precision.

Live Streaming Services: Extending Your Reach

In an era of digital connectivity, live streaming has become an indispensable tool for reaching audiences far and wide. solo16 Broadcast's state-of-the-art streaming technology enables your hustings event to be broadcasted in real-time to viewers across the globe. Whether it's voters unable to attend in person or journalists covering the event remotely, their live streaming services ensure that your message reaches a broader audience.

Branded Micro Website Design: Making an Impact Online

Complementing their filming and live streaming services, solo16 Broadcast offers branded micro website design. This bespoke online platform serves as a centralised hub for your hustings event, featuring event details, candidate profiles, live stream integration, and audience engagement features. With solo16 Broadcast's branded micro website design, you can extend the reach and impact of your event beyond the physical venue.

Complete Event Production Solutions

In addition to their core services, solo16 Broadcast offers comprehensive event production solutions. From staging and lighting to sound and set design, their team collaborates closely with you to bring your vision to life. Whether you're hosting a small-scale debate or a large-scale political rally, solo16 Broadcast has the expertise and resources to ensure your hustings event leaves a lasting impression.

As the 4th July general election approaches, the importance of hustings events cannot be overstated. Choosing the right partner to capture and elevate your event is paramount to its success. With solo16 Broadcast, you can trust in their unrivalled expertise in filming, live streaming, and event production to deliver a seamless and impactful experience.

solo16 Broadcast offers everything you need to make your hustings event a resounding success. Get in touch today to discuss how we can help you.


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