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BBC WW2 Veteran Interview - TV Crew

Tv film crew hampshire - solo16 Broadcast

At the end of last year we recorded a two camera interview with Len Chivers, a Royal Navy veteran who witnessing one of the worst tragedies of World War Two.

The attack on HMS Barham by a German U-boat in November 1941 cost the lives of more than 860 British sailors.

Len Chivers, 99, from Portsmouth, witnessed the sinking of the battleship from HMS Queen Elizabeth in the Mediterranean.

Len joined the Royal Navy aged 15. HMS Queen Elizabeth was his first ship, a battleship with a crew of 1,000 sailors. While on board, he helped with the evacuation of allied troops from Crete, as well as regular patrols and convoy work.

We provided two 4K cameras and lighting. The interview was commissioned by the BBC's 'We Were There' project and is the third we have filmed in the South on England.

Read more about Len's amazing career on the BBC's website here.

You can watch the mini series as broadcast on BBC South Today below.


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