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Facebook Live Broadcasts Attract 10x More Interaction.

Facebook Live Broadcaster London
Users Comment On Facebook Live Videos 10x More Than That Of Regular Videos
Facebook Live is a dream for engagement, driving comments at over ten times the rate of non-live videos.
Because the focus of Facebook Live is a window into and interaction with a moment in time as it unfolds in real time, commenting is about being a part of a live conversation. It exists in a way that is more dynamic and prone to evolution than commenting spaces on regular videos, and that’s a powerful engagement tool.
Live streaming is very popular. Have a read of our article on 'What to look for in a video streaming supplier'.
We live stream a whole range of events from Christmas light switch ons, Fireside chats, Public events, Conferences, to Facebook Live, YouTube Live and other platforms.
Get in touch today to see how we can help you with your event.
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