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The Advantages of Virtual Events and Meetings

The Advantages of Virtual Events and Meetings

Virtual events are incredibly valuable, as they have the ability to expand the reach of your events to an unlimited number of people who can attend from anywhere in the world without ever leaving their desks.

You may be concerned that a virtual event will mean you lose the personal touch that in-person events bring, but in fact people are networking and meeting in this way less and less due to time commitments.

Many people are more comfortable engaging with your event, and each other, virtually than if they were sitting in a room together. Interactive tools like polling, chat, forums, live Q&A, social media and other collaboration tools make virtual events an effective way to engage your attendees, which ultimately increases the value of your events.

Attendees can save 100% of their travel costs with online events. If the content is compelling, they will even pay for it.

So when should you use a virtual event?

Firstly look at your target audience. If you want to expand the reach of your event beyond a specific region or area, then going virtual makes complete sense. Virtual events can dramatically increase the participation in your events, especially at a time when travel is often restricted. They are also much greener on the planet.

Another factor is cost. Virtual events are generally significantly more cost-effective than traditional events while delivering increased value for your investment. The time saved by your team in planning a physical event can then be used to focus on content for the visual event.

Lastly virtual events are cool. They will stand you out from your competitors and allow your audience to easily and fully participate without disrupting their work or personal lives. All broadcasts can be viewed ‘on-demand’ within minutes of being broadcast allowing people who join late or watch later in the day to enjoy the event.

Speed of delivery

The average physical event lead time in 2014 was 6.7 months!

Virtual events can be launched to globally audiences with unprecedented speed. For product launches, changes to sales strategy, crisis communications, or just getting out ahead of the competition, this technology enables event planners and meeting managers to meet any deadline.

With virtual events, the possibilities are endless!

Contact us today to discuss your event and plan how we can help you.

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