In order for us to provide you with the most accurate quote we need you to provide us with three key bits of information. You can go through this with us on the phone if you prefer, email us the answers or complete the form below.  


The first thing to decide on is how creative you want to get with the livestream. What do you need to achieve and what will your viewers expect to see? 


Option 1 - Single Cam

A camera operator with a single camera. The pictures are fed live to your choice of end platform but without any titles, info slides, music or any added production. The camera can input pro audio from a desk or by using our two radio mics etc.


Option 2 - Multi-camera Production - MOST POPULAR 

A minimum of two crew and two cameras. One Vision Mix Operator and a Camera Operator. This option can be for two cameras up to 8 utilising more operators. It also includes full HD video recording. This is normally delivered with our equipment in the room or via an Outside Broadcast Satellite Van. For most jobs we use a min of three cameras with at least one of them operated.


The next thing we need to know is how our team are going to connect to the internet. The picture quality we are able to broadcast will depend on the speed of the connection provided.


Option 1 - Venue Provides Connection

The preferred method is that the venue hosting the broadcast provides us with a broadband connection. Ideally this would not be on shared connection and we prefer a wired connection and not WIFI. If the venue provide the connection then the responsibility for it is theirs. You will need to consult with the venues I.T team and ask them what the UPLOAD speed is at the venue. 


Option 2 - solo16 Provides Connection

If a reliable connection is not an option at the venue or it does not meet our requirements, then we can provide a bonded connection.In some cases, if 4G is available, we connect via a small portable satellite dish placed outside. Data costs will apply and this is the most expensive option. 

Option 3 - A Joint Effort - MOST POPULAR 

The venue provides what it can and we provide the rest via either bonded 4G or the satellite. This option will keep data costs as low as possible.


Lastly we need to understand how the sound will be provided. 

Option 1 - Venue Supplied - MOST POPULAR 

Most of our livestreams are staged in locations where the venue either have an in-house AV team or they bring in a sound company. In this instance we can liaise with this company to ensure they can meet our requirements. If you also require a Public Address system for the room this will be the cheapest option for you. 

Option 2 - solo16 Supply Audio 

If the venue cannot meet your sound requirements then we can also handle the audio. We will need to know if you need a PA system and how many people will require a microphone at any one time and what type of microphones you require, eg. Handheld, Lapel mic, Lectern mic etc. 

We suggest you read our FAQ's before requesting a quote. 

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